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Visit Stoughton has arranged for Fishing University to film on Lake Kegonsa on August 22nd and 23rd.  They are looking for volunteers with a boat to film their other two boats that will be fishing. 

Fishing University might compensate for time and gas.

If you are interested contact Callie LaPoint with Visit Stoughton at


There have been many rumors regarding a sewer leak of household waste water near Lake Kegonsa. We are attempting to gather as much information as we can, and will update this as we get more information. The leak occurred earlier this week and has been fixed.

We have confirmed that a 1.25" copper pipe connected to a force main sewer pipe line on Quam Drive broke sometime on 8/1 around 6p. Kegonsa Sanitary District (KSD) was notified of the break around 7:40a on 8/2 when a walker noticed the water. Within 20 minutes KSD had shut down the pump.  About 45,000 gallons of waste water leaked into the ditch during the 14 hours between the pipe breaking and pump shut down.  That ditch drains into Lake Kegonsa.  KSD also called Honey Wagon Services Inc. to help clean the ditch and station.  Honey Wagon arrived by 9:00 am and pumped the waste water out of the ditch and into a truck, and then hauled the waste water to a second KSD station. Honey Wagon also hauled waste water flowing to the KSD station near the broken pipe to another KSD station. DNR was notified. Local residents were also notified.

The leak report filed by KSD with WI DNR can be seen here.

WI DHS has told FOLKS that DHS will not be doing any testing at this time. DHS expects that a major rain event this weekend will majorly dilute any contamination that may have been introduced to this lake, and may introduce new contamination due to runoff.  Results from testing samples taken today would not be ready until early next week. Therefore, testing from samples taken today would not be actionable. DHS recommends that if you are concerned about the short-term water quality you should avoid recreating in the lake until after this weekend. If you do choose to go in the water, they recommend you wash your hands thoroughly or shower after leaving the water, avoid swallowing any water while swimming or boating, and avoid touching any foam that may have built up.

As a part of the state park beach monitoring that is led by DNR, sampling at Lake Kegonsa State Park was conducted on 8/2 with a result of 93 CFU/100 mL for E. coli, below the advisory level of 235 CFU/100 mL and closure level of 1000 CFU/100 mL.

Swimmers Itch

Useful Info and Links

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Wisconsin Boating Regulations (DNR)


Dane County Boating Regulations

Clean Lakes Alliance

Rock River Coalition

City of Stoughton    

Dane County Land & Water Resources

List lost and found items on the FOLKS Facebook page or contact Eric Olson at

Law Enforcement: The sheriff's boat will patrol during the week and weekends. They remind all lake users that flotation devices are needed for paddle boarding, kayaks, and while using large inflatables. Also, there is a law requiring slow-no-wake within 200 feet of shore.

Town of Dunn  

Town of Pleasant Springs   

Swimmers Itch: FOLKS has received reports of members getting swimmer's Itch when raking weeds (not when swimming). See this DNR article for more information on cause and prevention.  It is neither dangerous nor contagious, but can be very uncomfortable.

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