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Wet Autumn Leaves

One of the best ways homeowners can help to reduce phosphorus in our waterways is to keep leaves out of storm drains and away from the lake. Leaves are a major source of phosphorus entering our waterways. As water flows over leaves, phosphorus is leached out of the leaves and into storm water.

FOLKS initiated the leaf management project and continues to partner with the Town of Dunn, the Town of Pleasant Springs, and the City of Stoughton to vacuum leaves from around Lake Kegonsa. Both Towns also have drop off sites available for fall leaves.

The 2023 Leaf Pick Up dates are (tree leaves and grass clippings only - NO GARDEN WASTE, NO HOSTAS, NO TOMATO VINES, NO LONG GRASSES, NO POTTED PLANTS:)

Pleasant Springs:    

            October 28-29

            November 11-12


            November 4-5
            November 18-19

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