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Harvesting is over for 2023.

Dane County LWRD provides aquatic plant harvesting on Lake Kegonsa and the Yahara River. FOLKS coordinates with Dane County LWRD, including identifying areas that need cutting, and obtaining information on the dates the harvesters will be on Lake Kegonsa.

DNR regulations prohibit weed cutting in less than three feet of water, so they often cannot get close to shore or piers.  Of course, low water level results in the harvesters needing to stay further from shore. Harvesters will not cut in areas with rocks that could harm the equipment, such as off Colladay Point and the eastern part of Barber's Bay. Also, regulations prohibit weed cutting in front of public parks, such as Fish Camp and Kegonsa State Park. This map shows the No Cut areas outlined in red.


Generally,  the harvesters cut at the end of the piers around the circumference of the lake. Dane County LWRD provides harvester location info here.


Information regarding Dane County LWRD aquatic plant harvesting is here.

Harvestor Location
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