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Lakes are some of the most valuable resources on our planet, providing water for drinking, irrigation, wildlife habitat, and human recreation. Human activity can have a significant impact on the health of our lakes. FOLKS strives to protect, maintain and enhance the environmental and recreational values at Lake Kegonsa and its surroundings and to organize and conduct activities intended to maintain or improve the ecology, water quality, fishing and recreational use of Lake Kegonsa.


The FOLKS water monitoring committee helps track, preserve and present data related to clarity/turbidity, algae blooms, floating plant debris and phosphorus concentrations.  Most of the information reported is collected by volunteers (all of whom are FOLKS members) and stored in databases provided by the Clean Lakes Alliance, the Rock River Coalition and the WI DNR. Additional data is provided by UW Limnology and WI DNR.  Data is taken at numerous locations around the lake. 

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