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Why should you join folks? Annual membership contributions enables FOLKS to continue improvement initiatives impacting Lake Kegonsa. The membership year runs from
January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Who can join FOLKS?  You can. Membership is $20 per household or $30 for business membership (if newsletters are emailed to you). Members receive four newsletters a year and are kept up to date with important lake-related issues. We ask for email addresses for newsletters and alerts, but we NEVER share or sell addresses.

What do FOLKS members do? Your involvement can range from simply being an informed and supportive member to attending meetings and special events, joining one or more of our Committees, or becoming involved in a FOLKS project. There are many ways to become involved with FOLKS based on your personal interests, talents, and available time. In the past, our most popular events have been the Annual Meeting and Spring Social and educational presentations related to proposed regulations (piers and water levels for example). 

Lake Network. When you join FOLKS we ask for your e-mail address. We do this so that you can be a part of what we call the “Lake Network.”  We use the lake network to provide information to our members that is more urgent in nature.  For instance, if a governing body was to hold a meeting that would somehow affect the Lake Kegonsa residents, we would e-mail all of the members informing them of the issues and details of the meeting. In this way we keep the members informed of important events and as a group, we can make ourselves heard.

Household Members. Our members give us outstanding support which allows us to continue our efforts to improve the conditions of Lake Kegonsa. Approximately 457 households interested in the welfare of Lake Kegonsa and the surrounding area are currently members of FOLKS.

How do I join FOLKS? If you would like to join FOLKS, please return the form below along with your membership contribution to FOLKS, PO Box 173, Stoughton, WI, 53589.

Membership Application - PDF Format

Membership Application - Word Document Format

Thank you for your contribution and your support of FOLKS!

Submit membership questions to

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